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 Going As Far as We can Go--in the Time We have Left:

Final Reckoning:

Enlightenment 3.0--The Convergence of Ancient Insight and Modern Science

Climate Catastrophe is Inevitable

The World is

Scientifically Spiritual

The End Times are

Potentially Transformative


Unacknowledged scientific evidence confirms that runaway climate change has already been triggered, virtually guaranteeing near term collapse of our civilization--and likely human extinction within 10 to 20 years. Governments and even most scientists are denying these facts. Industrial society has fundamentally altered the biosphere in catastrophic ways, begetting a geological age of chaotic disruptions: the Anthropocene. Our modern view of Nature has been disastrous.  If we are to be honest with ourselves, we must now ask: How will we live 'The End of It All?'

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The recent science of complexity reveals an unappreciated new perspective on 'how the world works.' Complex systems can manifest purposeful agency that shapes and orders the biosphere--making them "spiritual agents."  Human manipulations and exploitation have crippled this self-creating, self-adapting agency in Nature, prompting the collapse of self-regulation in ecological and climate systems. We now know 'where we went wrong' and why civilization is doomed. What will we do with this stunning new knowledge and its radically different world view? There is a whole new story to tell before we go. (Read More)


This new, scientifically spiritual perspective on Nature echoes the mythic spirituality of our ancestors. It profoundly re-configures our human knowledge. It holds the potential for a radical change in our cultural sense of reality. Guided by systems science and its illustration through climate change we might  yet experience a genuinely mystical relationship with Nature--as a spiritually sacred self-creation. The culture of climate chaos could  be apocalyptic in the sense of a 'revelation,' and become a marvelous, scientifically mythical mirror of Mind in Nature. (Read More)

Biospheric Catastrophe, Complexity Science, and a New,

Mystical Configuration of Human Knowledge in the Anthropocene

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